Mick Sterling Presents

In 2023, the trajectory of the broad range of projects Mick Sterling Presents is involved in is ambitious and exemplifies the continued desire by Mick Sterling to explore new interests and create new projects.

From completing and releasing his second book in 2021 called AND ELSE (A version of life according to Mick Sterling), along with Sterling's third book and his newest effort in 2023, "Mickisms" (A Collection of Conversation Enders), the release of (3) holiday albums celebrating the the three Christmas shows he performs and produces, AN ANDY AND BING CHRISTMAS, AN ELVIS GOSPEL CHRISTMAS and A GRAND OLE OPRY CHRISTMAS production, or performing or producing nearly 40 shows that honor the artists that influenced Mick Sterling, his plate is very full. 

Not to mention, Sterling is also the Founder and Director of the Minnesota-based charity called The 30-Days Foundation, www.The30-DaysFoundation.org that assists Minnesota families in real-life financial crisis. Sterling's success stemmed from the 17-year run with the iconic Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers.   All of the professional and philanthropic success Sterling has been blessed to achieve happened because of this band.   

In 2021, Sterling performed over 175 dates and in 2022, he shows no signs of slowing down.